Postcards from Maine

a nautical afternoon

harnessing the wind

an agrarian moment, bush-hogging the field

this apple tasted so good after we had hiked to the top of Douglas Hill


7 thoughts on “Postcards from Maine

  1. Okay, you need to tell us city girls what “bush hogging” is! But you DO look quite natural, I must say, up on that tractor (…that IS a tractor, right?). And your brother owns a boat? What fun!

  2. Carol, How fun to see you enjoying yourself at this beautiful time of year in Maine!  And all the Kathleen Norris stuff.  That poem on pride really got to me. I can so relate.  Melanie told me about the acedia word when you first wrote about it–I think that’s when I first met your blog.  Anyways, thanks again for a delightful and worthwhile blog.  I’m off to bookmark Kathleen Norris on my amazon shopping list!

  3. Bush-hogging was a new term for me too!  It is a way of mowing a field that has high grass (or hay, or whatever).  The tractor is very old.  My brother doesn’t own a boat, but some good friends invited us to go with them on Casco Bay.  It was a hoot!

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