Culinary Adventures

Bet you can’t guess what these are!

14 thoughts on “Culinary Adventures

  1. It looks like Thai to me, but i’m afraid to ask about the bottom one–sometimes a little mystery is a good thing. Often the idea of a food is way worse than the actual taste! One of my son-in-laws is a chef at an upscale Mexican restaurant in San Francisco, and when we ate there i actually tried goat tacos (quite tasty, well seasoned local grass fed goats) AND (this one was more of a stretch for me) “pig maw” tacos. What is a pig maw, you ask? It’s the esophagus. Other countries actually have a lot to teach us about not wasting bits we Americans think distasteful. And it was good!

  2. Rice! I spy rice, but that is just about it. maybe salmon on the top one. and maybe some egg plant and cucs mixed in with naaaaaaaaaaa that’s wrong. I think I also smell oriental.

  3. It’s Thai.  I asked my friend Laurie to order for me and we split the two dishes.  The top is Green Mango Salad.  What appears to be white noodles is grated mango (green = not ripe).  On top are tomatoes, garlic, and lime juice.  This dish smelled like heaven!  And tasted worthy to be there.I know I am going to need my best persuasive powers to convince you on the bottom dish.  It is Green Curry.  Eggplant, Zucchini, and Tofu in a green curry sauce.  With just enough spicy heat to be pleasant.  It was an enticing combination of flavors.  Laurie went all out showing me the town.  After Kathleen Norris we went to the Pix Patisserie for some unfathomable chocolate confection called “Shazam!”  This morning we walked two blocks to a great breakfast eatery where we had “crumpet” sandwiches. Crumpets!! 

  4. That’s interesting, because last week I told my daughter that I needed to try some new food, and I knew she likes Thai, so we went to a local restaurant. She almost always gets pad Thai noodles with chicken and peanuts, and I got a mint salad–basically a green salad with a mint dressing–quite refreshing and nice. I don’t know if I’ll try anything else there–a lot of it seems to be spicy, which I don’t handle well. Good for you!How long will you be gone on your trip?

  5. I would eat/try both of those dishes.  I admit to being fearful because I thought one or both might contain raw fish.  And I’m a little shy around raw meat.But I love mango!And zucchini and eggplant.  Is the bread-like stick in the second one the tofu?

  6. Oh those looked just terrible….until I found out they were not raw fish.I had Thai for lunch yesterday.  It was a peanuty sauce with coconut…and chicken and veggies.  Best I have ever had.

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