Going, Going


I’m headed to Portland, OR & the famous Powell’s Books.
It’s the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world.
One entire city block.
Here is a picture of just one aisle.

I am going to my first (real) book reading: Kathleen Norris!

I will see a lovely friend…

and have a heart to heart with my cousin
about her journey converting to Judaism…

Then I’m zipping up to visit my Seattle kids and perhaps
read a book to my yet-to-be-born grandson, Noah.
I hope he kicks a little…

After which, I pray Hurricane Kyle goes away
so I can enjoy this tranquil garden in Maine
at the beautiful home my sister-in-law and brother have made.

And when one visits Maine, you know what one eats, don’t you?

My friend who happens to be married to my brother
has promised lots of walks.
I plan to take copious photographs.

New England in the fall!

I used to stay home when my guys went hunting, heh heh heh…


12 thoughts on “Going, Going

  1. You are one of the wisest women I know! What a great idea.  I wonder if I could take my little science group on a ‘field and research trip’ during hunting season? hmmmmmmm. . . .  Have a blessed time, we’ll be praying for safe travels and joyful fellowship.

  2. You sure know how to pack a trip full, don’t you? I’ve never heard of Powell’s books…but the question does occur to me, how will you carry whatever you buy there with you to the East Coast? I just paid a whopping amount for my suitcase being overweight when I came back from my trip to Illinois. I won’t even tell you how much it was, that’s how embarrassing it is (…think along the lines of a certain 20 color copies, but a little less…). Just a warning! Have a wonderful trip!

  3. I’ve purchased books online from Powell’s.  Now I know it is a “real” place!What a fun trip you have planned, and since you’ve been a good little hunting widow all those years you deserve it!! hehe

  4. Oh to be a stowaway in your suitcase.  My sister loves Powell’s.  My cousin and her husband are heading to New England on a bus tour.  I told her to take notes of the great places for my someday trip.  I know I can count on you to do the same!Enjoy your travels.  When is the grandbaby due?

  5. Oh Carol, I am bright GREEN with envy. Kathleen Norris? One of my very favorite authors. I have read most if not all of her books. Unless she has a new one out that I haven’t heard about. And enjoy the rest of your trip too. I’m expecting a FULL report on the book reading and as much as you have time to tell us about the rest of the trip. Outstanding!

  6. How very cool is all that!! My sister and her hubby live in Portland, and Powell’s is his favorite place–i understand why! And a real book reading, extra treats upon treats. And beautiful Seattle with its own lovely flavor, (and family–better yet) and Maine this time of year– i think i may want you to be my travel agent. HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER! i’ll be here enjoying vicariously.

  7. @LimboLady – I showed great restraint at Powell’s.  Paperbackswap has spoiled me for paying full price.  I am returning to Seattle and staying here long enough for a baby shower for Baby Noah.  So, cough cough, if I buy anything here, Carson can hold on to it until I come back from Maine.  (20 copies — I’m still trying to FORGET that one, my friend!!)

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