One Fine Day

Waking up in Maine….
How could one day hold so much good?

Kathie’s (my SIL) old VW Bug from her college days

A walk on Mackworth Island

A pause to talk…

a stop at the local Farmer’s Market

A clam chowder lunch at:

~     ~     ~

friends had me up to their place for
a lobstah bake (that’s seaweed with it)

on top of the lobster pile up picked-that-day corn,
potatoes, onions, eggs,

clams on top!

delightful family from my church who are also visiting their family in Maine

Ending the day with the “chimney” fire – a rotten log placed upright on the fire


8 thoughts on “One Fine Day

  1. Oh, my goodness! We don’t EVEN need to ask if you’re having a good time, do we? The path for the walk is BEAUTIFUL!  And you mean this family goes to your church in Oregon? Wow! And it looks like they had the little ones all in a row, huh? FUN!

  2. Bet it was cold this morning from what I have been hearing from others in the North today. Beautiful pictures – thanks for posting them. Enjoy the rest of your time there and I still want to hear all about Kathleen Norris.

  3. @juleel – The seaweed seems to be an essential ingredient.  Of course, we didn’t eat it.  I didn’t eat the seaweed. But all the food is steamed and the seaweed adds something.  Is that sufficiently vague? (grin)

  4. Hmmm…not sure what i would do with the seaweed, my experience with it is pretty much limited to what’s in little sushi rolls. But what a cool and interesting thing–i mean, the whole lobster cooking thing is new to me. Thanks for sharing it with this west coast-er.

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