Teaching is, by nature, incomplete.  I have always struggled limiting the scope of the subjects I have taught. 

In their last year of home education, I look for gaps in my students’ knowledge and understanding.

More like potholes.

Grand Canyons! 


Quick, bring in the National Guard and let’s fill and tamp those holes!

One of our roadworks is geography.  I had thought we could learn it “organically” through reading books and news magazines.  Sorry, Charlie!  Didn’t happen.  We’ve added two items to our Morning Routine. Oh, how I wish we had started this, say, twelve years ago.

•    Daily Geography Quiz   These are designed to let you know what you don’t know.  A motivated student –or mom– could learn even more if he or she was curious.  I have found that getting a third party, as in a computer, to ask questions is so much more efficient time wise and attitude wise.  We both love taking the quiz, even though we’ve never gotten all ten answers correct.  I can see myself doing this in my seventies.  Stand up, Sudoku, and make room for the Geobee Challenge.

•   Read about one country a day using World Book’s Encyclopedia of People and Places.  When our public library updated their set, the children’s librarian let me know the old set was for sale on the cheap. If your library has these books in the reference section, you could photocopy the page of Country Web Site listings in volume 6 and use the internet to study a country a day.

Ask me about Azerbijan, baby!


10 thoughts on “Roadwork

  1. Ooo, that quiz was tough – I did very poorly. I can still remember most European capitals – and all the US state capitals, but past that, my geography skills are sketchy ast best. Thanks for passing on the link!Carrie 

  2. Operation Mobilization (a missions agency) has a book called “Praying Around the World”.  Each page is a different country (alphabetical) with geography facts (population, income, etc.) and ways to pray.Haven’t thought of it in years, but my kiddos could use the prayer prompts, so I’d better go get one!

  3. Thank you!!  This is one area I have been struggling with because our curriculum doesn’t cover it until later.  I don’t have ‘time’ to add it but don’t want to do nothing.  Maybe focusing on a country a week or month would work……I’ll have to look into it.  Anyway, thank you for your links! 

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