Farmer’s Market

 I bought a gallon of local honey…yum, yum!

My friend Connie



Gavin (my grandson) scarfed his pastry.


great bluegrass music


The dahlias were about gone when we arrived.
Family, friends, community, gorgeous produce, great music, good times.
All in all, a glorious morning.


4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market

  1. Aren’t farmer’s markets just the funnest? We have one here every Saturday in the BART parking lot, mostly produce but also GREAT pastries and a few crafts. Wow! What a haircut on Gavin! I almost didn’t recognize him  The bunches of lavender are really lovely, too.Interesting ab/ the dahlias…I bought my dad one at Trader Joe’s 3 yrs. ago and it’s going strong in his backyard–a gorgeous deep orangey-brown. I love them.

  2. We don’t have a farmers market all year round here but in the winter months we do. But there is a market that sells American-grown vegetables and locally produced honey, and at prices much lower than at the supermarkets. I try to get as much as possible of my fresh vegetables from them.

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