What I know:  picking raspberries with my husband,
popping a few choice morsels in my mouth,
competing for the bigger take,
talking as the light fades,
 is my idea of a romantic evening.

What I’ve learned:  raspberries respond well to water. 
The key to big berries is much, consistent water. 
Thank you, son!

100 Species:
1.  Clematis
2.  Garlic
3.  Delphinium
4.  Daylily
5.  Dianthus
6.  Daisy
7.  Lobelia
8.  Verbena
9.  Cosmos
10. Salvia
11.  Diachondra
12.  Raspberry

6 thoughts on “Raspberries!

  1. Oh, yummy!  I was trying to think of what my favorite thing to do with fresh raspberries and I decided that it is to eat them just plain….no need to cook or sweeten.Simple…. like fresh peaches 🙂

  2. Well, I wouldn’t place much above chocolate, but I also enjoyed this sweet post — and the photo of the bowl of raspberries does invite reaching into  

  3. Oh, raspberries are my very favorite! I am jealous–they look much better than the store-bought ones! And I agree w/ applechexx ab/ having them w/ a bit of cream, although just plain by themselves is my 2nd favorite. And maybe in muffins, too. Lucky you!

  4. We planted a few raspberries last year, the “Heritage” variety.  We don’t have a big harvest yet, but even a small bowlful is a treat.  They always make me think of my “Grandma Great”, who loved, loved, loved raspberry pie.  She knew that when she had a piece, a gallbladder attack would follow. She ate the pie anyway and thought it worth the pain. 

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