Letters from Mom – Not Enough Time, Too Many Pounds

Unwanted mice (our farmhouse was next door to a working farm), unwanted pounds (yeah – I have always envied my friends who lose weight breastfeeding), not excited about Thanksgiving and prayers.  But Danny remains the comic relief!  I know nothing what the reference to Hyde. Previous letters here.  And can anyone else appreciate being the only one who notices the improvement?


Thursday a.m.

Dearest John,

I certainly am tardy in getting a letter off to you – something is always getting neglected.  I’ve been trying to get the housework in better shape than it has been in the past months, but in doing that I haven’t written a letter in weeks.  And while some of the work is done, no one but me can see any improvement.

[…] Monday morning the mouse trap was gone – and we haven’t been able to locate it.  I hope the mouse got away from it.  So I set the other trap that I had and we have been getting a mouse a day.  It is getting disgusting to have so many of the animals around the place.  And flies too.  Having these pigs eating (and they are feeding them grain right on the cement by the house) right out here must be part of the reason.

[…]  We told Danny that you were going on the toll road when you left on Sunday night.  So now when something is to be told he goes to the window and looks toward the toll road and we hear, “Daddy, Daddy, you on toll road.  Jimmy hit me, or Here’s some dessert for you, or today he decided Marvin was wearing your red winter hat.” […] This morning he was playing with clay – fixed up a cake of it and put it in the skillet in the oven and told me he had a ‘burger in the oven!

Carol should be waking up and it is time to fix some lunch for Jimmy.  So far this morning I haven’t earned my salt, but have eaten much more than that.  Unless I quit nursing the baby you folks are going to be way ahead of me in this losing weight business.  I have gained several pounds in spite of my efforts not to do so.  Hate to think what I’d weigh if I let myself go on eating now. […]

We’ll miss you this weekend, but it won’t be too long until Thanksgiving vacation.  I guess that we’ll be staying home here, although that doesn’t sound very exciting to me.  Sounds more like work, unless everyone would be satisfied with wieners.  But I suppose when the time comes we’ll get more enthusiastic.  We all do love you and are glad we can look forward to you coming home.  We’ll be praying for you this week end, but after reading about Hyde, I wonder if our prayers do much.  But we’ll keep on in our feeble way.

Always yours,



6 thoughts on “Letters from Mom – Not Enough Time, Too Many Pounds

  1. WOW! YOUR mom struggled with weight, too? Oh, I love that woman!!!Her reference to having weiners for Thanksgiving reminds me of the year my mom threatened to make hamburgers for the same! Having been the main cook for our Thanksgiving (including extended family) for 20+ years, I can sympathize. All those hours of work and it’s demolished in a matter of minutes!And exactly how long was your dad gone each time? Sounds like a lot longer than I’d imagined.

  2. I love hearing Nellie’s perspective on life and living. She sounds so here and now. How I bless God for email now, for when my sweetheart goes far away. I know Nellie would have loved a daily report. This must have been such a struggle. Dealing with mice all by herself and all those kids and a baby, had to be hard. But I still hear music in her voice. Thanks Carol. blessings, m

  3. “This morning he was playing with clay – fixed up a cake of it and putit in the skillet in the oven and told me he had a ‘burger in the oven!” <— that’s the dharp I know and love.

  4. Things don’t change much do they? Mice in the house, a lot of work over Thanksgiving, precious children . . . to quote a favorite book, ‘nothing new is under the sun!’ I remember when I was 11, my mom and grandma decided they were not going to cook, just once, for Thanksgiving. There was only one place open in Eugene, Oregon on Thanksgiving Day, the Chinese place with it’s buffet. I went to school with the son of the owner and he was working the restaurant. From that day until we graduated we laughed about the Razy Womahn’s Tanksgiving Dinnah! Apparently Trader Lee’s and later The Asia Gardens, were always open Thanksgiving and Christmas and did good business on both days. We never did the alternative again as my dad was disappointed there were no left overs!

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