Great War Film Update

[after opinion is asked–and received–about their orders, a subordinate asks Major Whittlesey]

“Why are you here?”

“Life would be a lot simpler if we could choose our duties and obligations.  But we can’t.  We shouldn’t.  That’s why I am here.”

~  Major Charles Whittlesey in the DVD Lost Battalion

If graphic battle scenes don’t bother you, we highly recommend this DVD.  Rick Schroder’s performance is 10/10.  Based on a true story, this movie illustrates trench warfare.


My son really liked this series.  This was the first live footage of the war that we saw: it was impressive.  The color wasn’t as big of a deal to me.  Kenneth Branagh did a good job of narration.  

I appreciated the interviews with WWI veterans.   There were four or five octogenarians whose remarks were interspersed throughout the film.

After reading Guns of August it was great to see more shots of the main players.    

These eight one-hour programs have provided fodder for much discussion.  Yesterday my husband asked, “How do you think WWI would have ended if TR was president?”  

We had never before heard of the Armenian Genocide.  

Watching The Great War has been a great  though heavy companion to our reading.  Images are potent.  Reading about the horror is hard; seeing it in a soldier’s and children’s eyes, on the battlefield, in the ruined villages, is horrible.  The documentary utilizes archival footage and modern color images.  



6 thoughts on “Great War Film Update

  1. I read a Reformed theologian whose family is a victim of this genocide… R J Rushdoony.  Most recently I heard his son, Mark, narrate the family genealogy.  It provided insight into their convictions.Thanks for the movie recommendations.  I’m keeping a list for later.

  2. re: your husband’s rhetorical question…. my father loves reading that type of story, or alternative history (fiction).  For example, what would have happened if the South had won The War?  He enjoys the author, Harry Turtledove.

  3. Wow, I just read the article on the Armenian genocide–I wonder why we Americans have never heard about it?! What always amazes me is that one race thinks it has the right to exterminate another just because they don’t like them. I just don’t get it…sad.

  4. I learned about the Armenian Genocide when I moved to Pasadena, CA, where there is a part of town that is heavily Armenian. All the Armenian-owned businesses close on April 24.

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