Magna Carta

Today marks the anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215.  

We visited Runnymede in April.  The funny thing is that my strongest memory, a ditty which occasionally flutters unbidden through my thoughts, is a sign by the road as we entered town: Please Don’t Speed In Runnymede. 

Also noteworthy: it was Americans (the American Bar Association) who put up a monument to the Magna Carta.

the walk to the monument


1 thought on “Magna Carta

  1. Carol, did you know…that it is probably more of an influence here than there. Before the end of the reign of King John (Richard’s bro) he had fairly gutted the document. It took several kings later and their antics to force the Lords and Parliament (means to parley or french parler to gather to discuss) to reintroduce Magna Carta again. This was one hard fought document. Thanks for the reminder of it. LOVED the pictures! I am in SUCH an English mood! hugs and blessings, m

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