Letters from Mom – Broken Washing Machine and the Flu

Here are some excerpts from another letter. (Previous letters here.) I was about three weeks old when this was written.  Seven children in a country home, husband away teaching college, the washing machine is broken, the part came in the mail and she is thinking about fixing it herself.  Bills and budgets are an ever present dilemma.  The last paragraph is a rare admission of discouragement.

Friday, 10-18-57


It was good to get your letter yesterday – I should have had one in the mail to you, but I didn’t.  Listening to Paul Harvey ruins my letter writing time.  [..] The radio has been on the fritz today.  I managed to hear most of Tozer’s message* by staying right there to punch the buttons or do otherwise to get the contortion out of it – not on the line, but in the radio.  Danny [3 years old] is good at tuning it in.  He has also been a good dish wiper this week.  His cold isn’t any better – just gets some improvement when he plays in the water or runs outside without a jacket. […]

I’ll pay the telephone bill today – that is nearly $8 – several long distance calls on it.  And then the rest will get some gas, baby food, eggs, and groc.  Sorta hard to figure out just what is the most imp. things on the list. […]

Game [football] is canceled for tonight because of flu.  It is on the increase in the school here.  Each day more out, and our youngsters have all been exposed now with someone in their room coming down with it during school and being sent home with a temp of 103 or so.  I refuse to worry – I could get sick just thinking about what would happen if we all got it.  I have been trying to see that we all get the necessary rest and been using plenty of orange juice and vitamins to keep their resistance up.  It is in the Lord’s hands and He gives strength when needed.  You cause me more concern by your irregular living, if you should get it.

Now I must close – surely do miss you.  Guess I didn’t write partly because I was just too lonesome and didn’t want to sound too sad.  Those spells come when I feel as though I just have to see you, and anticipating a week end without you seems too much.  I just must not think ahead to weekends but take each day as it comes.  And the thought of you using so much time and energy and losing out on your studies just to come home doesn’t cheer me any either.  All in all it is not the most satisfactory situation, but it is the best one for us now or else the Lord would change it, of that I’m sure.  I love you honey, we all do, and we are praying for you daily.



* The next day she wrote:  Very interested in Tozer’s message yesterday – some questions to ask you when you get home.  Wonder where women without husbands get their questions answered?  I could get along without that, but I couldn’t get along without you and your love.  I still marvel that you love me, but so very glad that you do.


8 thoughts on “Letters from Mom – Broken Washing Machine and the Flu

  1. Carol, I have so enjoyed these excerpts.  I have her pictured in my mind as I read them. (-from that picture you have of her in your kitchen.  I have your Dad kind of pictured in my mind as a mix between Danny and Mr. Fenik!! I don’t know if I’ve seen a picture of your Dad!) I am glad for the glimpses into a godly woman’s life. 

  2. Such a godly woman and example — thank you Carol for sharing these letters — glimpses of who you are because of who she was and is in your heart. Blessings, Laurie

  3. Thank you both for your kind words.  Of course, I am fascinated by these letters – both for what they say and what they don’t say.  But it is my personal history.  As I typed this up tonight I wondered if it is truly of any interest to others.  So I appreciate your feedback.I have been working full time last week and this week and I truly miss time for writing.  So I was easier to have my mom do the writing. 

  4. my dad used to say people all over are the same – just names and addresses differ; i agree with this excerpt – wonder where women without husbands get their questions answered?

  5. Lovely letter. The fact that her admission of discouragement was rare – that astounds me! I have four children, my husband doesn’t work far away from home, and yet there are days I still find myself complaining too often. I need to work on that!Carrie

  6. Very sweet! It’s such a treat to read these. I know I’ve said that before but the letters are such a special thing for you to have. I loved the reference to Paul Harvey! I have been side tracked many times by that man!

  7. It’s kinda neat to think that I’ve had something in common w/ your mom: a houseful of sick kids and NO CAR. I remember one day walking all the way to the closest shopping center w/ a stroller and 2 toddlers in tow (almost a mile walk), and my grocery bag broke halfway home! The stroller was one of those umbrella jobs that doesn’t have anyplace to put anything on it, and i ended up cradling my groceries on top of the bag and giving each toddler something to carry as well….Man, those were the days….And how goes the full time work days?

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