Infant Voices

The day we arrived home from our trip to Scotland and England we got a phone call.  Carson and Taryn are expecting their first baby!

The next day, before we sat down to eat dinner with Chris and Jessie, they told us that they were expecting another child.  Big brother Gavin, my favorite three year old, is overjoyed.

Two new hearts are beating!  One is due December 25th and one is due December 26th! 

Blessings are abounding.  Prayers are being answered.  Really answered.  In real time. 

This great news energizes me to continue praying, to keep asking.  You know who you are…I’m praying for you, too!

 (from Jesus Shall Reign, a favorite hymn).

People and realms of every tongue
dwell on his love with sweetest song;
and infant voices shall proclaim
their early blessings on his name

11 thoughts on “Infant Voices

  1. Yes, double congrats.The most grands my parents had born in the same year was three.  Time to start collect books on the relationships of *cousins*.Now, what is your *grandmother* name?

  2. Congrats to all! Now I’m probably a little slow and I’m sure you’ve mentioned who everyone is before, but remind again…who are Carson, Taryn, Chris, and Jessie? I assume you are mother to one in each couple?

  3. Oh OH OOOOH Happy News! I REALLY understand the double blessing.I am still reeling.  (caution: get your rest just before babies come. Oh! do they live close by?) God is so wonderful. I just get so excited when His people multiply. YOU are such a good grandma now! love from Grannyrose in SC

  4. ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]SQEALSOFJOY[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ O WONDERFUL news!      And Christmas birthdays are fun.        Loads of love and rejoicing, BT

  5. Thanks, everyone, for rejoicing with us.Nanna is my Grandma name.  Papa is Curt’s Grandpa name.  His folks (the greats) are Oma and Opa.  What, Angie, you haven’t read through all my archives?  (giggle)  Here’s the score card:  I’m the mom of three boys: Chris, Carson and Collin.  [We all have the same initials, including middle name initials.  That was sort of “in” in the eighties.  All the kids’ names started with K.  Or all the kids’ names started with J.]  Chris married Jessie, and Carson married Taryn.GrannyRose I have been noticing your double blessing.  I have been paying attention!  One couple lives a mile away, one couple lives six hours away.Btolly, you have always been a fine example to me.  I love how you have celebrated your firstborn’s Christmas Eve birthday so gracefully.  We have a few close to Christmas birthdays already in Jess’ family.  Anyways, it is delightful to have permission to tell the news!  I’ve been sitting on it a while. 

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