Fishing on the Snake River – A Photo Essay


7 thoughts on “Fishing on the Snake River – A Photo Essay

  1. Such fun! We will be heading there over Labor Day for the Annual Family Fishing Expedition! It’s so much fun. Beautiful pictures, looks like a great time was had by all!

  2. The first one almost looks like a painting! My favorites are the 2nd and 6th ones, w/ the change of colors so beautiful! You may have a second career here!!!

  3. Sonja, here is a map.  It is the largest river closest to us.  The other large river is the Columbia River.  Probably not as big as your Orange River but similar in habitat.  Our family (our kids, and my husband’s parents) have fished on this river for 23 years.  It is a happy family tradition, and we love the bass and crappie that go into our freezer after these trips.  We take a rinky-dink boat, get sunburned and windblown and have a great time.  If the fishing isn’t good, I read a book.I used to think that the area was basically ugly.  I liked green, tree-covered hills. But there is a rugged, primitive glory to the area that I see more and more as I capture it on camera.  The pictures were either taken from the boat or at the area where we camp.

  4. Oh the western lanscapes! sigh~ What beautiful shots. At first I oooohed and awwwwwed then replied, “Good job Curt” and “Now those look like nice folks”. I vote for #, 2 and 6 and 7! good job.

  5. thanx, carol… have a good weekend… i’ll share next week what i might start tomorrow (you might join me… however, i first need to “start.”)

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