It Will Be All Right, Lu

We’re back from watching Prince Caspian.  Lucy (Georgie Henley), as always, steals the show.  When I see Lucy, I am reminded of Donna’s Katie.  Lucy’s transparent faith, her playful grin, her devoted love, her tender heart, are all too wonderful.  Lucy holds nothing back. Casting Georgie Henley as Lucy was the most brilliant decision in the making of the Narnia movies.  I just couldn’t have born it if they had gotten Lucy wrong.

Peter Dinklage plays a might fine Trumpkin. His sad-looking face works perfectly for both the skeptical dwarf and the believing dwarf.  And we all loved Reepicheep.  Who can resist the chivalrous charm of a brave mouse?  Caspian isn’t at all how I pictured him, but we all see things differently, eh?

The movie isn’t flawless; there are many add-ons and annoying nods to egalitarian nonsense which never existed in the book.  Classics students: have you ever heard of female centaurs?  Isn’t that a contradiction to the essential character of centaurs? 

Lucy, Trumpkin and Reepicheep are all positives which overruled the negatives. Not to mention Aslan!

In the end, I left the theater thankful.


6 thoughts on “It Will Be All Right, Lu

  1. What is the world coming to when you beat me to a movie that’s just out? Actually, Brianne and I were at a premiere ourselves–my teacher’s playhouse premiere of “Tis Pity She’s a Whore.” I had my doubts before attending, but was AMAZED at the calibre of this play! Many of the actors are graduate students at U.C. Berkeley. Some of the dialogue was hard to follow (being from the 15th century and all!) but the characters were delightful and professional. There’s a lot of blood in the last scene and it was SO realistic! My teacher has a Ph.D. in theatre as well. I was pleasantly surprised!

  2. Ah, thank you for this review! We’ll be out to see the movie soon — and of course, the rewatching of the first will ensue shortly after that — until Prince Caspian comes to DVD. Speaking of theatre, have you attended the Shakespeare Festival in your area? I hope to someday. In the meantime, I enjoy our Kingsmen troupe from Cal State Lutheren — they perform two outdoor plays each summer. Blessings, Laurie

  3. We went last night, too.  I got a wake-up call about my inner attitude toward dwarves/little people.  I know IRL people with dwarfism aren’t a separate species, but until I saw Dinklage’s Trumpkin I had been (forgive me!) overlooking them as people.  What a fine actor he is!Hello!  Why didn’t I see that invaders from Tel (Gr. across) + mar (Lat. ocean), imagined by a British CS Lewis would be the Spanish!  But even after accepting Caspian as Spanish-looking, I couldn’t get past how old he appears in the film.  (The actor himself, I believe, is 26.)Sad about the changes from the book, too.I’d like to hear your reply to what I asked Mr W:  Do you think a person, after watching these 2 Narnia movies and hearing that Aslan represents Christ, would be more likely to investigate Christianity?

  4. A good TV show to watch about a dwarf family is “Little People Big World.”  The two parents are little people, they have 16-yr-old twins, one is a dwarf and the other is average height; plus two more kids who are average height. It’s a good insight to what little people’s lives are like and the ways they deal w/ difficulties we never even think about. It’s on TLC on Monday nights here in California. 

  5. I had not thought about the centaurs…but the women were so warriorlike.  Yes, Lucy is just right, I also think that Edmund was right on.  My kids asked me if we would purchase this, we haven’t the first…  I don’t think so.  Although the movie was fine, it was enjoyable, we have mentioned Reep’s “humongous humility” half a dozen times since Friday’s viewing, but I just can’t like watching Narnia, period.  I want to keep it close inside me.  I want my children to all have it inside them, not replace it with the anemic version on the screen.  Do you know what I mean?  I wonder why I didn’t feel that way with LotR?Did you cry at all?  I did, twice!  The first meeting with Aslan, anticipating it, and when the Narnians were trapped in Miraz’ castle.  Oh man!

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