Full, Full, Full

…full of thanksgiving for answers to prayer: baby girl born, Myanmar orphanage saved, prisoner safe, new family with four adorable girls moved here
…full of magnificent teaching on the furniture of the tabernacle
…full of resounding singing, robust words, glorious music
…full of a sermon on the apostles and Judas–the leaks in his life
…full of communion, a nourishing meal
…full of Apostles’ Creed, Thanks Be to God, Doxology
…full of a scrumptious feast shared by the entire congregation
…full of multi-layered, multi-textured conversations throughout the day
…full of the ride home with 100 Cupboards

Now let my soul arise
And tread the tempter down;
My Captain leads me forth
To conquest and a crown:
A feeble saint shall win the day,
Tho death and hell obstruct the way.

Je suis content.


5 thoughts on “Full, Full, Full

  1. If we lived close to each other, we’d have luncheons in which we (meaning *you*) would only speak in French to one another.  I would nod and say, “Oui, oui” and “Bien sur” and would love listening to your French.I have a friend who used to come have lunch with me and we read through “Le Petit Prince” during the lunch.  Her immaculate French and mellifluous accent delighted me.  She grew up in Canada and took her  medical boards in French. There aren’t many places in Eastern Oregon, even in a town named La Grande, where one can practice one’s French.

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