The Prettiest Village in England

A Major Change of Plans
Today we had planned to take the train up to London.  I was unsettled about it, convinced that London is worth a trip in itself, three or four days at least to see the sights.  I imagined one hour at the British Museum would be more frustrating than satisfying.  In order to see what we wanted to see, I envisioned an exhausting day ahead. 

A few nights ago I was reading in the book I brought with me, How the Heather Looks, A Joyous Journey to the Sources of British Books by Joan Bodger.  I came across this quote from the Horn Book magazine May 1941.

Shere is sometimes described as the prettiest village in England, which it certainly isn’t now…but in the 80’s and 90’s many Americans went down to Surrey to see it.

Bodger continues with her commentary

Having no earlier standards by which to judge, we found Shere Village delightful.

I asked Tracy about Shere and Albury, its close neighbor.  I was quickly convinced to spend this day in the prettiest village in England instead of the metropolitan London.  It was a lovely ambling sort of day, between two more scheduled “trip” sort of days. 


11 thoughts on “The Prettiest Village in England

  1. Your choice sounds wise…leave London for another time/trip.
    I remember Noel and me in Vienna….sooo maxed out on touring, that one day, we just sat on a park bench ….all day….watching the folks, reading, and eating chocolate.

  2. I think you were wise to take a ‘vacation’ from your vacation and spend it exploring this place. You will remember it fondly. You could easily use a week in London to do it justice, but you would have missed this perfect little English place! I just love the picture of the stairs, so quaint, so English.
    It sounds like you guys are having a great time, what a blessing for you both, and we have really been blessed getting to pray for your safety and enjoyment of your travels.

  3. You were right about skipping London.  My husband and I spent 6 days there and barely saw what we wanted to see.  We loved it, but there was a sense of helplessness because we couldn’t “do it all”.  Next time we want to spend more time in the beautiful English countryside!  One of the highlights in London was the fabulous book store at the British Library.  I’m glad you got to go to a great book store. =)

  4. Sounds to me like Shere was the right choice! Oh, I am so enjoying your photos and commentary.  My daughter read _How the Heather Looks_ last school year….we tend to be heavy into English history and literature at our house.  Now she keeps asking me when we can go to England?  Interestingly, she wants it to be “just the 2 of us”!  Quite a compliment….I told her to PRAY!  Keep the commentary coming, I love hearing it!

  5. Carol, these pictures are absolutely fabulous! I am so enjoying them, and must come back later today to take it all in slowly. You are so blessed to have this trip. England is one place I have always wanted to visit, and reading your posts and seeing the pictures …. well….!

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