Curt and I picked up a sandwich at the Eagle and Child, fondly referred to by C.S. Lewis as The Bird and the Baby.  They have some nice displays about Lewis and Tolkien on the wall.  And they make a mean chicken club sandwich! 

Oxford is difficult to write about because seeing it involves more images than experiences.  It is a bustling academic town with many buildings not open to the public.  One evidence of its academic atmosphere is the plethora of bikes seen everywhere.

Another of the many gifts received on this trip:  a “wow” exhibit on John Milton at the Bodlien Library.  It had first editions of Paradise Lost, books owned  by Milton with his handwritten notations in the margins; the exhibit was chock full of Milton stuff.  Very interesting.

The gift shop at the Bodlien Library is the best gift shop in the world.  For those of you who join me in being described as bookish, it has the best bookish gifts in the world.  Thanks to my sister in-law Kathie who turned me on to the gift shop by sending me its products.

For those of you that are married: Don’t you love people who love your spouse?  The kids of the family we are staying with love my husband.  The boys pepper him with questions about hunting, and the younger ones continually ask him to play games with them.  I loved this picture of some of the younger ones with Curt.


Architectural glories abound.

Bridge of Sighs


3 thoughts on “Oxford

  1. Oh, I want to know the story of the Bridge of Sighs! What a romantic name! And I also have several photos of my girls walking with their dad from the back side–what is it about that view that brings out the tenderness in us?And Oh. My. Goodness!!! You went somewhere that C.S. Lewis went?! I am truly jealous just now! And the bookstore gift shop–I hope you got yourself some truly wonderful things that will remind you for many years of this once-in-a-lifetime trip. You deserve it!

  2. Isn’t Oxford wonderful? It is difficult to describe so everyone will just HAVE to go there! 😉 I had to be drug form the Bodlien Library, if that hadn’t happened, I would still  be there today!

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