Back in the USA

We’re back!  We’re not home yet, but we’re in the States.  And our luggage made it, even though our flight had been canceled. 

We’ve been up 24+ hours.  Weary and thankful.




What a trip.  Good to the last drop.

There are so many things to share.  I hope I don’t bore you.

Do you have any questions? 

Thanks to everyone for your comments and interest.  I loved reading them.


We’ll talk soon.



7 thoughts on “Back in the USA

  1. You are absolutely not boring us – and we want to hear every single, little delicious detail! Welcome back to the US. Get some rest and then tell us everything. 🙂

  2. Boring? NEVER!
    Welcome back, get some rest, it does take a couple of days to recover from jet lag but you will. And you have fabulous memories and wonderful experiences to reflect upon. Praise God that we have memories!!!!!

  3. Oh, my goodness! How could you ever think you were boring us??? I can just hardly wait to see photos and hear about your visit w/ Brian and Audrey. Please tell me you got photos of their house?! And it hardly seems possible that your trip is over. I WANNA SEE MORE PICTURES!!! Sweet dreams

  4. Welcome home! Bore me?? Never!  Please continue to share your insights and experiences.  I’m living visiting England and Scotland vicariously through you!Get some sleep, first, of course.  But then please, please tell us more.Blessings,Sandy

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