The day has arrived.

I always experience a pang of buyer’s remorse the remaining hours before a trip.

Any trip.

I want to cancel.

I’m leaving home!

I’ll miss my people.

Why are we gone so long?

I’ll be fine, though.

In about 14 hours when we are in the air.



11 thoughts on “Godspeed

  1. I felt exactly like that as our England trip drew closer. But yes, the excitement does take hold and as your plane leaves the ground you start thinking a little like Indiana Jones – ready for any adventure!   I’ll pray your adventure is a bit tamer though.  Bon Voyage!  Sherry

  2. Yes, trying to get out of town is always *harried* for me….but once I’m *in the air*, I usually can have a good time.
    This is so exciting!
    Praying for y’all…..

  3. Oh, Carol, this is going to be such a wonderful adventure for you! I can’t wait to hear all the details and places and things you see. You know how to make us all feel like we’ve been there with you. Prayers for a wondrous time! Love you!

  4. Been praying for you all day!  (If you see Luke Z and family, give them a big hug from us!) I’m so excited for you and the people you’ll meet and the places you’ll see!! 

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