A Few of My Favorite Sounds

~ a crackling fire

~  the smooth series of shutter clicks on a good camera

~  the steady scratch of pencil on paper, evidence of a mind at work

~ wooden wind chimes

~ the small sounds of fine china at a table scene in a British movie

~  the expectant cacophony of an orchestra tuning

~  the plunk of wooden chess pieces on a wooden chess board

~  the pop of a canning jar full of peaches (salsa, applesauce, grape juice) sealing as it cools

~  the click of the master bedroom door shutting

~  a baby’s burp after ten minutes of back-patting

~ a baby’s first cry

I couldn’t sleep at some point last night and decided to make of list of my favorite everyday sounds (outside the realm of musical sounds). 

Here’s the difference gender makes.
My husband’s list:

~ water running in a creek or river

~ the fllllttt of an arrow zinging in the air

~  elks bugling

~ ducks quacking

~ a quiet wife (just kidding!)

What about you?  What are your favorite sounds?


7 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Sounds

  1. I like your list – the sound of an orchestra tuning always makes me teary-eyed with anticipation. I took the kids to see a local production of Annie a few weeks ago, and the same thing happened, even with their small 10-piece “orchestra.” Natalie understood; the boys thought I was crazy – another difference gender makes!
    My list would include Josiah’s belly laugh, my nephew saying “I love you, Aunt Carrie!” and the sound of water dripping as the snow melts off our roof.

  2. Metal wind chimes tuned to the key of D minor; water coming in to shore (i have one of those make-you-go-to-sleep machines that does it!); the laughter when my four daughters get together; the purr of a contented cat; the cry of a one-day-old baby 

  3. I also love the sound of a baby’s sigh, a brook or creek, the recent sound of song birds come back, a thunderstorm in the middle of the night or early morning, and a train rumbling in the distance.

  4. I like wooden wind chimes, too.
    The ocean sighing me to sleep
    My son’s laugh (proof that his Asperger’s isn’t a severe case)
    Pandora Radio playing piano in the night (we couldn’t sleep last night, either)
    Mousetrap’s purr
    A small Bible study of women singing “Lord, Prepare Me to be a Sanctuary” with only a guitar for guidance
    Dessert for the ear!

  5. Bird song at dawn just as the light is breaking through. Bass violins and cellos.  My grandbaby’s laughter.  wind in the trees.  The sound of a tin tea cannister closing.  My grown children laughing together at the table. Coffee cups being put down on the table. Clare deLune, (it is what my mother played as I was going to bed at night)
    love you for asking. m 

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