Arise! Rejoice! Death is Dead.

Rise, daffodil,
against the stones
that shall yield
to your yellow vow.

Rise, onion shoot,
from an odious shroud
to green exclamation;
your death is done!

~  from Poem for Easter by Barbara Eash Shisler

The daffs in the top picture are from our front garden.
The onions are from the vegetable garden.
The pictures were taken Good Friday morning.
The snow was gone by afternoon.

My favorite Easter poem is by Thomas Blackburn.
Bach used it in Cantata No. 129
You can hear a snippet here (scroll to 14).

Awake, thou wintry earth
Fling off, fling off thy sadness.
Fair vernal flowers laugh forth,
Laugh forth your ancient gladness.

A new and love tale,
Across the land is spread,
It floats o’er hill and dale,
To say that death is dead.

Happy Easter!  He is Risen!


6 thoughts on “Arise! Rejoice! Death is Dead.

  1. Oh, I love these’s fun to think of all creation laughing forth with gladness in the resurrection of our Lord!
    Fair vernal flowers laugh forth,Laugh forth your ancient gladness.
    Do enjoy a blessed day…and laugh forth! In Him, Laurie

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