Nine Days

Every summer of my early life, our family packed up and left the Chicago suburbs for Bible Camp in Jones, Michigan.  Traveling north on Michigan Highway 40 we drove through a series of hills and dips which were the poor man’s equivalent to a roller coaster ride. I would whisper-read the alternating signs on the side of the road: Pass With Care, Do Not Pass, Pass With Care, Do Not Pass. At the bottom of the trough all you could see was zenith of the next hill.  Eventually the land smoothed her pleated skirt and produced a straight line with a clear view.

The last two months have been the rolling hills, a collection of intermediate goals which have occupied my vision.  But year-end taxes, family visits, the making of wills, and Easter are all past.  We have a clear, unobstructed view: in nine days, Lord willing, we fly to Glasgow.  My husband has been sick, off work for an unprecedented two weeks.  Today the doctor diagnosed pneumonia and a sinus infection and prescribed one of the big gun antibiotics.  Would you please pray with me for Curt’s healing and renewed strength? 

I am overwhelmed with the daily gifts related to this trip.  The bookstore, of course. I got Rick Steves 2008 for the cost of shipping through Paperbackswap! The first rest stop on the road after we’ve landed is called Rest-and-Be-Thankful Pass My first time experiencing (you feel the organ’s vibrations as well as hear it) a cathedral organ will be an organ recital in St. Giles with Bach and Pachelbel on the program.  Bach. Pipe organ. Cathedral. Edinburgh.  Stitch those words together and you can hear me purr.

We will see and stay with a childhood friend.  The last time I saw her in 1974 she was running from God; now she is serving Him. Reconnecting with her is a gift of pure grace. 

Most of the details on that side are decided.  In the time left we are preparing for our absence from our normal responsibilities, finding odd items (e.g. hang & dry plastic clothespins) for the trip, reviewing lists.  Curt is 2/3 through John Knox’s biography; I’m at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in Scottish Chiefs.  I haven’t gotten all the books read that I had hoped, but this is consistent with my mantra, likely my last words: but I haven’t finished my books yet! 

I plan to blog daily or whenever possible on the trip.


11 thoughts on “Nine Days

  1. Nine days of committed prayer for you and Curt — and more — I give to you. Your post gives so many reasons why you need to go on this trip, but the one that really seems to be a potential blessing is seeing your friend who is now serving the Lord after wandering. There you will be in the land of shepherds and sheep and seeing one whom the Good Shepherd sought after and guided back. I so look forward to your posts whenever you are able to share while away. Blessings, Laurie

  2. I am so excited for you! And so sorry to hear about Curt’s illness. Lots of people here have suffered mostly from the flu this winter. Interestingly, husbands have dragged on longer w/ it than wives, usually 4 wks., compared to 2 for the women. I am hoping that Curt will gather his strength and health before you leave. I can’t wait to hear how things go w/ you and Audrey. How long are you staying with her?

  3. Wishing you a wonderful final preparation; Curt, a complete and quick recovery, a marvelous and life-impacting time over the pond, and plenty of material for eagerly anticipated posts after your return!How inspiring it is to read your reflections. How truly humbling it is to share the trip with you vicariously.Godspeed!

  4. Prayers being raised up for Curt – that is definitely no fun.Ahhh, a live organ concert – in Scotland – how lovely.  I’m excited for you and I can’t wait to hear all about your trip.God bless.

  5. Praying for Curt and for the trip. There will come a day when you will look back and ever wonder that you were there. I know that you will savor every moment. We are all so happy for you here in the blogisphere and long to hear of your tales of wonder and wander. God’s blessings and love, m

  6. I remember thinking that about the books that I still hadn’t finished reading before our England trip!  But a friend pointed out how much fun it will be to read them after I’ve been there and that has been so true.  Praying for good health for you and quick healing for your husband.  Have a wonderful trip!  Sherry

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