Vettriano – Scottish Artist

The Singing Butler, Jack Vettriano

The Umbrella, Jack Vettriano

I was surprised to learn that The Singing Butler was painted
 around 1991.  Doesn’t it seem like it’s been around for much
longer than that?  Vettriano is Scotland’s most famous artist.
He is scorned by the art establishment.  I think only two
Vettrianos are hanging in Scotland galleries. Some of his
paintings are risqué; many capture a 1950’s-ish elegance.

He reminds me of Edward Hopper. Eh?

I like these two paintings.
The top painting is romantic.
The bottom one is fresh and simple.

What do you think is the appeal of The Singing Butler?

More Vettriano here.


8 thoughts on “Vettriano – Scottish Artist

  1. Maybe it has the appeal of a bit of that ironic sort of British humor.  Kind of whimsical in a way… Doing something completely off the wall while maintaining the persona of taking oneself utterly seriously.

  2. Carol,
    I think Lori mentioned that the Singing Butler is Karen’s favorite … and somehow I found that out … and ordered a framed print as a wedding gift … she was SPEECHLESS.  One of those perfect gift MOMENTS.  So, when their house is done, you’ll see it!

  3. Wow!  Thanks for introducing me.
    I’ve never seen/heard of Vittriano.  How can you say he’s scorned, if he has an honorary degree from St. Andrews and the Singing Butler sold for 700,000 pounds. 
    That sounds like a fine reputation to me đŸ˜‰

  4. Kerri, I think you captured the appeal.  Dancing on the beach in evening clothes is the sort of oddball thing which most women (at least) would think incredibly romantic.KGB, I was reminded of this print when I saw it hanging at Ryan and Shelby’s house last weekend.  I would have loved to see Karen speechless with joy.  It is more blessed to give than to receive when you get just the perfect gift.Dana, Vettriano was self taught and is outside the establishment.  I think because he has a mass appeal he is considered “lower” than true “artistes”.  From what I’ve read, he appears to be unconventional, perhaps counter-culture.  Yep, he outsells some giants in the art world.

  5. Many of the recognized Masters were scorned by the established art communities of their time, the more I learn about that, the more I see that ‘scorned’ equals talent in the artist’s lifetime! It seems if it sells, it’s unacceptable, if it’s recognizable, it’s unacceptable, if it’s attractive, it’s unacceptable!
    Isn’t Vettriano great? I just love the Singing Butler, that’s so eccentrically British! The presence of the maid and butler just speak volumes about mid 20th century British gentry!!  

  6. I have loved these for a long while, also! I imagine the butler to be Jeeves, hired out just for the night to a serious, smitten young man, about as unlike Bertie as could be, to impress a true love…ummm.

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