Wholly Given

photo by my son Carson on the coast of California

Give Yourself Wholly
Rafael Arevalo Martinez

Fly kites with your children,
cultivate your philosophies;
give women your tenderness
and men your energy.

And at every moment, valiant, sincere,
at every moment of all your days,
give yourself wholly!

Say: “I shape always
with equal care
my clay or my gold.”
And at midday when the sun burns brightest,
like a good workman–like a good workman!
And at evenfall
play with your children, feel yourself lightened;

and at night’s coming
sleep wholly.

Give yourself wholly
until you fall motionless
in the final moment;
and when death comes,
give yourself wholly!

~ from Like A River Glorious

They who trust Him wholly, find Him wholly true

from the Lutheran Book of Prayer

Lord, make me mindful
of the temptations of sinful care,
sluggish selfishness,
and impure desire,
which beset me on every side and from within.


4 thoughts on “Wholly Given

  1. “Like a river glorious” is that photo, that poem — thank you for sharing. I had not read this poet before, but I fondly remember singing “Like a River Glorious” at Bible study many, many years ago     Blessings, Laurie

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