Happy Birthday Curt!

Happy Birthday Curt, the great man who began as this young boy.

I’ve heard a great idea which I’ve only achieved once: sending flowers to your husband’s mother on your husband’s birthday thanking her for her work in bearing and raising him. 

I want to honor my in-laws as we celebrate another year of Curt’s life.  They played a huge role in shaping and forming him. Curt wrote the words better than I could, so I will share them with you.  Here is an excerpt of a note he wrote them in 2006.

I am not sure how old I was, but I guess I was five or so
when bedtime prayers took a twist, and a new activity was initiated.  Before ‘Now I lay me down to sleep…’ and
blessings were petitioned for every creature I could think of; I was now
required to learn to recite the Ten Commandments. 

 This seemed like a good idea.  Since God was God, I accepted the argument
that we ought to know how He wanted us to live. 
Call me weird, but no one has ever been able to convince me otherwise. There
I was, lying in bed, repeating every word my father or mother said first.  I finally, bit by bit, one command after
another, nailed all ten! 

I never forgot the gist of the thing.  I found out later I had learned a shortened
version, but the basic list would go with me wherever I went.  I knew what God did not want me to do, and I
knew as a result what He did want me to do.

 The basic list did not include the inherent blessings and
curses attached to the commandments, but my parents had not neglected
them.  Their commentary and explanation
impressed upon me the seriousness of disobeying God.  I remember telling my mother how Bobby Martin
would show off by folding his eyelids back and displaying a hideous face.  She warned me that God had the power to make
Bobby’s eyes stay that way!  Whoa!  This was my first exposure to the doctrine of
heart hardening, and I have since endeavored to steer clear.  Along the way I have broken every one of
God’s holy commandments.  But I have not
done so without shame, guilt, and a condemning conscience.  Praise God for sorrow that leads to

The Law of God continues to grow on me, and in me, thanks to
faithful parents who night after night drummed
it into my spongy brain.  My hope is that
my children and my children’s children will love God’s Law with an even greater
fervency.  What began for me in the top
bunk of the front bedroom at 10111 Washington
each night before I went to sleep — may it continue throughout all generations.

Happy Birthday Curt!  I ought to thank God every day for you.  I don’t, but I ought to.  I do thank God for you often.  You have been one of God’s best gifts to me. 


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Curt!

  1. What a fine testimony – to Curt, to his parents, and to the hand of God. 
    And that smile – totally infectious.
    It was such a pleasure to meet you both…I look forward to crossing paths with the both of you for years to come.
    Happy, happy birthday!!!

  2. Oh, Curt, you gorgeous thing, you! Still making the rest of us women jealous of Carol with that smile and dimples of yours!!!   Hope you have a joyous day together….napping???  Love, Melanie

  3. Happy Birthday, Curt.  This is a very nice tribute.  May you be richly blessed by God’s grace and by your wonderful wife, family and church community.  You have obviously been a mighty blessing by the hand of God in the lives of many. I hope you have fully and properly felt the love of many on your birthday!!  Can you feel it coming from us in the Sierra foothills?John (not Di)  

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