Fine Art Friday – Guy Wiggins

Winter’s Storm on the Avenue, by Guy Carleton Wiggins

For those of you in warmer climates, here is a picture of the weather that we’re, ahem, enjoying  in the Northwest.  My dear sister-in-law Kathie sent me a love package with a great book (I’m sure I’ll write about it), a most excellent bookmark (I’m sure I’ll take a picture of it), a photo of my beloved niece and nephew standing against the backdrop of the magical blue-green waters of the Ionia Sea in Greece. And a fine art card of which she is a specialist in finding.  It had a different Guy Carleton Wiggins print which was Winter’s Day at the Library.  This is the closest I could find to the picture on the card.

Happy Friday.


1 thought on “Fine Art Friday – Guy Wiggins

  1. Fun!
    I love receiving packages – early, on time, or late šŸ™‚  Today I’m finally sending off belated Christmas presents to DH’s brother. 
    Way too much work to catch up on…hence the lack of posts, especially FAF.  Glad you’re up to it.  And Mentalmultivitamin.
    BTW our weather has been warm – highs in the sixties, which means I’m planning a walk this afternoon.

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