Road Trip

I’m home after a glorious, perfect-in-it’s-splendidness road trip.  A girls road trip!  A trip to solidify plans for my friend’s son’s wedding.


•   the minute-by-minute variations in the light from inky black to pale blue

•   car conversations, the kind that follow rabbit-trails, hither-and-yons, and interruptions

•   a lingering lunch with two lovely friends at my favorite restaurant in the world: West of Paris.  Between us we savored  “An American in Paris” salad, Terrine de canard, and onion soup…succulent and salubrious!

•   an afternoon in the personal library of my dreams.  My friend’s husband is an author and professor, and his library was just the kind of reading room I’ve envisioned in my home in heaven. Floor to (twelve foot) ceiling shelves, comfy chairs, good lighting, wood floor, framed art, books placed on shelves in such a way that you knew they were read.  This was no antiseptic, perfectly-lined-up collection.  I had permission to browse and graze to my heart’s content.  It was so fun to recognize books I owned, to look at new ones, to dip into curious looking titles, to just Stand. And. Gaze. 

•   a lingerie shower with  a sparkling group of young (and middle) women.  One woman thought I looked familiar and started asking questions.  After we established the identity of our mutual friends, she asked me “now, do you know the [my brother’s last name]?”  Uh, just slightly…

•   brimming-with-joy hearts as piece after piece of the rehearsal dinner puzzle fell into place

•   listening to a disc of The Omnivore’s Dilemma about the Polyface Farm with my friend who has been talking about this kind of sustainable farming for years, and pausing to discuss ideas in between.  My friend is so excited about science, about agriculture, about animals, that when I’m with her I discover the hidden scientist in me.

•   passing through lonely, undulating hills covered with snow, leafless trees covered with snow, scenes from Currier and Ives.  The beauty of the stark white-on-white vista was piercing. We just kept holding our index fingers and thumbs in a frame and clicking the air, pointing to the red-tail hawk on the highway sign,  to the stand of birches, to the river, to the patchwork fields curving with the topography, to the farmhouse…and clicking on our “air” camera.

•   waiting for my friend’s cancer check-up appointment; seeing her face afterwards; hearing the joy in her voice; praising God for his sustaining care over the past several years.

•    in the car, again, in the darkness, this time with two gifted young women in the back seat and two old fogies in the front.  We sang the last hour before home, beginning with “O Holy Night.”  What have we lost when we take our personal DVD players, headphones, books on tape, and CDs on car trips?  We have lost the once familiar folk art of singing together; the fulfilling act of making beautiful music in the dark; improved skill while working out harmonies and rounds; the most enjoyable way of memorizing.  Singing in the car – worthy of it’s own blog post.

Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love,
that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days,
Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us,
for as my years as we have seen trouble.
May your deeds be shown to your servants,
your splendor to their children.

13 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Wait, wait, wait! You ate at this splendid French restaurant, and DIDN’T have creme brulee?!?! This is just wrong…..cry, cry, cry…..Glad you had such a good time, anyway

  2. Please do not despair.  I had crème brûlée last time I was there.  This time I indulged in crêpe poire belle Hélène, which is a warm crêpe served with a cooked pear and warm hazelnut chocolate sauce with a side of ice cream and strawberries.  Ooh-la-lá!!  chocolate

  3. Oh, we know that family that owns that restaraunt from back when they were missionaries in Quebec, then Lyon…  One day we will go to their restaraunt, too!
    Sounds like a delightful trip, and I bet I can guess whose famous library you were in, sigh!
    You sure seem to know some wonderfully interesting people!
    Off to look at your book stacks.

  4. We sing in the car, too!  I love to ANY time, but especially on the way to church on Sunday mornings.  Somehow, there seems to be a grand conspiracy to de-rail me on that morning of the week:  the button that drops off on the way out the door, the “Mom, I got hairspray in my eye” moments, the hole-in-the-tights problems that occur and can make me run all a-dither.  But singing is the perfect antidote for such stress and tunes my heart for the upcoming worship service.  It sounds like you had some wonderful moments to tuck away in your memory bank. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Margaret – if you go to the restaurant, I will drive up to meet you!Poiema – “hairspray in the eye moments” – I’m so glad I didn’t have any tea in my mouth when I read that. And I have no idea why chocolate showed up at the end of my previous comment.  No. Idea.

  6. Sounds so wonderful!  I saw, but didn’t eat at that restaurant when we were in Moscow during the summer.  I have to admit I’m not much of a restaurant person.  But, singing in the car–or anywhere else–is definitely right up my alley!  Oh, and the library!  Yes, indeed .

  7. Thinking back…wasnt it about a year ago that you were doing something very similar to this with your own son?
    Oh, and the weather….that’s something that worries me about 1/1/08.
    Sounds like the trip was successful.
    Wait!  Did you borrow any books?

  8. Praise God for safe and enjoyable travels and for His care! What a blessing that the check up went well and the drive was wonderful!
    I think those taleted and sweet young ladies should make a record!

  9. …I know why chocolate came up on your comments – it’s in your DNA, your makeup, your being, your all-in-all….no, wait, God is your all-in-all.  Just leave out that last one, and there is your answer 

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