Stacks of Books, Glorious Tottering Stacks

 Yay for the Winter Reading Challenge hosted by Kathleen!

In the first place, I always find it hard to realign my stack to reality.
For instance, look at all the beautiful books which are NOT on my list!

I didn’t it find it hard to get a stack of books going.
There are some gaps for books to read with my son and my neice.
I have some borrowed books in the picture below
and one lender reads this blog.  Uh-oh!

There are the good lenders, the friends who share your taste
and thrust a book into your hand with promises that you will like it.
I’m a book-thruster from way back.  It’s one of my vices.
My husband keeps trying to curtail my book-thrusting tendencies.

Because….there are the books which are thrust upon you almost,
umm, against your will.  You know what I mean?
“I really want you to read this book,” the well-meaner says.
One of these books fits that category, but I can’t say which one.
But I digress…

I’m reading My Antonia with my niece.
I’m trying to read Wives and Daughters before the Netflix envelope comes.
The Intellectual Life: I suppose I’m the last one on this bus.
The Lives of A Cell – Poiema wrote so compellingly about this title.
A Natural History of Latin delights me.  I must finish it…and return it….yesterday.

If you are new to Magistra, you might not know that
my husband and I are taking a trip to Scotland and England next spring.
Almost every event in life requires a book to read first, agreed?
Come on!  How many of us read
What to Expect when we were expecting?
I’ve never traveled over the ocean, so I’m delighted with these books.

And two titles needed a full cover shot:
At Home with Beatrix Potter

Don’t these make your lips numb?

And here is command center, ready for bedtime.

“The contents of someone’s bookcase are part of his history,
like an ancestral portrait.”
~  Anatole Broyard


14 thoughts on “Stacks of Books, Glorious Tottering Stacks

  1. My brother (Dan, remember him?) got me into Willa Cather.  I have a beautiful matched set of  My Antonia, O Pioneers! and Death Comes for the Archbishop.  Dan’s favorite is about a singer, Song of the Lark.  I think my favorite is Shadow on a Rock.

  2. Oh, I love pictures of books! And you’re reading Monarch of the Glen – I love that series. I just finished the last season last month (or series, as they call it over there). Which leads me down this rabbit trail: have you seen Miss Potter – the movie about Beatrix Potter? One of the actors in Monarch is in it, and it’s a lovely movie. Well worth watching if only for the scenery.

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!!  I loved it too.  In fact, that’s one I wouldn’t mind owning, and I buy very few DVDs.I hear the books and the series are pretty different.  Which makes me wonder if it matters much which I indulge in first.

  4. Oh, I love to peek at other people’s stacks!  My Antonia is also my favorite of Willa Cather’s.  And dd read _How the Heather Looks_ last season and enjoyed it much. About being a “book thruster”~~I am your partner in crime!

  5. I love your stacks, too!  I have a picture of my stack, but haven’t put it up yet–well, it’s on Connor’s camera because my batteries died, so I’ll get him to put it up today.
    Your stack of writing books cracked me up!  I have all but one of those. And, you’re not the last one reading The Intellectual Life.  It’s on my list this season.  And, of course when I see other people’s lists, I’m so tempted to change things arounda  bit…aargh!

  6. I haven’t read the Monarch book, only watched the series, so I’ll be interested in your thoughts on the book.
    Reading Like a Writer was one of my favorite Christmas gifts last year. And I haven’t heard of The Intellectual Life, but based on Janie’s thoughts on it, I recently purchased An Intellectual Devotional.

  7. Carol, your stacks of books make my head swim! I have a lot of books, but never that many in one stack to be read now. Not sure I could even deal with that. Enjoy your time in all these, and I am looking forward to reading your reports on Scotland when you go.

  8. A friend loaned me How the Heather Looks before our England trip.  It made us  want to lengthen our stay another…um, 2 months or so!  Don’t let anyone loan you a “walking in England ” book or you’ll never want to come home.  Sherry

  9. What is it that some of us love so much about a stack of books? It just makes me go all * sigh * inside… And the front of the Scotland one makes me want to go back!!

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