A Widening Light

This month the daily poetry readings are from A Widening Light, a lovely collection of poems on the Incarnation edited by Luci Shaw.  HT to LaurieLH who posted a poem from this collection and set my fingers clicking for the source. 

I am ga-ga over this book.  It has many poems by L’Engle and Shaw, The Nativity by C.S. Lewis (I promise to post it soon) and many other names which may or may not be familiar; I’m highlighting one of the poems in our Christmas letter.  This collection will come out again at Eastertide. 

Here are the last two stanzas from the opening poem by Myrna Reid Grant:

Child, Light to my soul-shadow, my confusion,
Coming sweetly, and so small,                     
Growing within, a stealth, a mystery—          
I am moved by this simplicity.                      

Transfixed with thanks, folded in love,          
I cannot adore enough.  I cannot speak.      
Like trees and snow and stars and street,    
I too am silent in the widening light.            


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