King’s College Choir


Christmas at King’s College through $27.96/free shipping

While we’ve enjoyed special programs of King’s College,
we’ve never had a Christmas CD (let alone four!) of them to enjoy.
This jewel came in the mail while I was on my road trip.

Let the (choral) music soar throughout the rooms!
Cleaning toilets/ironing/making meals with this music is a privilege!
My throat has more lumps than gravy.

If I were a cat, I’d be purring…

What is your most delicious Christmas music?


2 thoughts on “King’s College Choir

  1. In the case of Christmas, I go with variety….I listen to hymns, country, folk, orchestral, piano solo (Geo  Winston), traditional carols.   Perhaps the main thread is that none of my albums are *new*
    Fm an old fogie 🙂

  2. I have many Christmas recordings – Robert Shaw, John Rutter and others. I have been trying to decide whether to invest in that 4-CD set you posted about – I do love the Kings College singers.As for the hymn accompaniments, we used a variety – a David Willcocks, a John Rutter, and I forget who else. The final verse in most of them also included a descant and an additional accompaniment line. The final verse of “O Come…” was unison choir and the entire organ, if you get me. There is a button marked “Tutti” and when you press that one you get it all. And I mean ALL. Shook the rafters! Probably drowned out the singers but no one cared – everyone was just singing their hearts out. It was beautiful!To make the service complete I played the Bach Prelude to English Suite III as prelude to the service.  On piano btw. Bach didn’t write that for organ and I wasn’t about to go there – I played it many years ago in a student recital while in college, and have resurrected it quite a few times as a prelude here. Another song the choir sang was a 3-part (so very easy to learn) arrangement of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,” and I did play that accompaniment on the organ. Now I think I have told you everything of note re the service. I included the details primarily because I knew you would be interested in those. More than likely most others who read my blog entry won’t even know what we are talking about here!

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