Fine Art Friday

We note Fine Art Friday in our home by watching Sister Wendy

I discovered the Watch Instantly tab on Netflix a couple of months ago.  You get to watch the same number of hours that you spend in dollars per month.  We are happy with the basement package of $4.99, which translates to five hours of free instant watching on the computer.  I can watch some movies which hold no interest for the other occupants of this household.  We had to download Internet Explorer 6 to use this feature – Firefox didn’t work.

Back to Sister Wendy.  On Fridays we watch one ten-minute segment of her Grand Tour. 

It is a nice length: she’s a dear, but one could easily get too much at one sitting.  

Like the daily poetry, my goal is regular exposure to the true, the beautiful and the good. 



3 thoughts on “Fine Art Friday

  1. Oh, I like Sister Wendy and I would buy her book over this 1001 Paintings You Should See Before You Die (newbie that Multivitamin keeps mentioning).  I like an artbook to be oversized or at least 9 x 12″ and the later is more like a dictionary and very thick.  FWIW
    Thanks for the Netflix tip.  I’m not a member (yet) because I didnt really think I would follow through, as it’s DH who manages the home entertainment in the family.  That is, unless I rent something YOU have mentioned.

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