O’er the Land of the Free

I was the last patient seen by my dentist/friend last night after waiting two hours.  I think the dental assistant saw how content I was in the chair with my Sudoku. And she had some not-so-content patients to deal with. 

When I got home I was desolate to hear that James Taylor sang the National Anthem for Game 2 of the World Series.  With his guitar! Desolate that I missed it. 

Then I remembered: we live in America where any media event is soon available to one and all.  So I’ve been checking YouTube and was finally rewarded with this.

I am an opinionated National Anthem critic.   Here’s what annoys me:  trying to do something new that has never been done before; note-bending which goes on and on; screeching on the top notes; poor breath control.  The very worst, the most excruciating performance is where the performer(s) slip off the pitch. 

I loved JT’s take on it.  His chords were varied and pleasing to the ear.  He picked a low enough key that was comfortable to sing in and comfortable to listen to.  His singing was wonderful, straight-forward, simple.  The guitar playing was a folk-style with broken chords.  There were no dramatic codas, no “look-at-me” theatrics, just a pure, simple, gracious, unadorned National Anthem.

Thanks, James Taylor.

**Added Later:  Do you want more James Taylor?  Go to this video and move the cursor to 1:30.  He’s doing a sound check and sings a gorgeous “America”.  My husband liked this even better than the National Anthem.  Not only is this guy’s voice pure mountain water – he is a first rate musician.  Those chords!!  Those full rich augmented and diminished chords.  I think the essence of chords (maybe of life itself) is in the thirds and sevenths.


9 thoughts on “O’er the Land of the Free

  1. Is it just because James Taylor was our favorite in the 70s that we love him so much?  I just adore listening to my old CDs of him!!I still want to hear about your migrating tooth and what that means 😉

  2. You don’t give up, LimboLady!!  Here’s the deal: my wisdoms were removed 25 years ago.  My last upper left tooth is a crown.  There was a gap between the crown and the next tooth.  Rather than re-do the crown, we put a new filling on the next-to-the-crown tooth.  18 months ago.  Lo, the gap has re-appeared!  The good dentist says that because there is no wisdom tooth behind the crown, the crown “migrated” back and left another gap.  Enough already!  It’s all fixed, once again.

  3. I missed it too! 
    Thank you for sharing it here!
    I love James (he was at my brother’s third wedding on Martha’s Vineyard.  I was not there)
    And I love you for sharing it!
    I love how respectful he was….and he even wore a suit.
    God bless sweet baby James!

  4. Oh, thanks so much for sharing this — James Taylor, a class act all the way — we all feel like we’ve known him forever, don’t we, and that he’d love just sitting down to talk and sing with us.

  5. Oh i LOVE James Taylor! His mellow voice is so peaceful and soothing–and that was a nice and pure version of the Star Spangled Banner! Thanks for sharing this–

  6. Thanks for sharing. I love JT.  You know the Sheryl Crow concert I got to see in Orlando last week?  Last year, the performer was JT.  Unfortunately, no one from our group got to see the concert due to the plane crash of Terry’s boss, which brought them all home before the convention even started.JT was the soundtrack to my senior year of high school.  Fire and Rain was my very favorite.Blessings,Sandy

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