The following commencement address was given by  Dr. B. at a recent homeschool graduation ceremony.  He graciously gave me permission to post an excerpt here.  It was such a lovely time looking back at the growth of two very special people and celebrating their completion of high school work.

The direction which you take early in life
makes a huge difference in terms of where you end up.  If you know what your target is, you want
that direction to be as straight and true as possible if you want to hit the
mark.  Once a bullet is out of the barrel
its path can easily be altered. Gravity affects it, the wind, a tree limb, a
fence post, school, a scene in a movie, a bad habit, bad company, a brief and
fleeting moment of passion, or any number of things can change the path of that
little projectile.  You are entering your
formative years, the years during which you will be shaped and molded, and the
decisions you make will have a big affect your path.  You see, the earlier you angle 1 or 2
degrees, the further from the target you will land.  You are about to leave the barrel, and I hope
you have had a barrel of fun. But outside the barrel may not always be


A very wise man (not myself) once penned
words something like this:


“My children do not forget my

Write my words upon your

For length of days and years of

And peace they will


Trust the Lord with all your

And not the wisdom of the

In all your ways acknowledge

And your road will be


Search for wisdom and, my

Pursue her every

The fear of God will start you on your


One of my favorite quotes is, “Don’t let
school get in the way of your education!” 
I believe that school can be very helpful, but you must remember to “keep
your eyes on the prize.”  Often we go to
school to learn skills, and we want you to do that.  We are sending you off to become
leaven in this world; we want you to have an influence on it more
than having it influence you.  Much of
our influence comes from qualities we can’t see on the outside.  It’s stuff below the surface.  Probably 90% of our influence is made up from
our character.  Many people make it
through college and neglect their character. 
Your skill may get you to the top-but it is your character that will keep you


5 thoughts on “Commencement

  1. I also appreciated Greg’s story about the two woodcutters and the one taking the time to plan and sharpen his axe.  It was such an encouraging graduation.  I am so proud of those two!  And the dedication on their parent’s part is still inspiring.

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