Tasty Morsels

A new food discovery!!  Yippee!!  The flowers of chives are edible.  I had a delightful time learning from “Baba”, the grandmother of Joanne, a graduating homeschool student.  We were stuffing mushrooms and ran out of the stuffing. 

Ah, the joy of improvisation!!  We poked in the fridge and thought out loud and came up with an herb/cream cheese stuffing that was delightful.  Baba went to the garden and cut fresh herbs and I mashed the cream cheese. We added a little Caesar’s dressing and some garlic. Baba came in with a handful of chive flowers and thought they would be lovely sprinkled on top.  She washed them carefully and separated them into tiny fragments.  With a dubious attitude I tasted one: delicious!

These guys can go in salads, on top of omelets.  Can you think of other uses?  Is this even news to y’all?  I came home and looked at my two chive plants and the flowers are all beyond the beyonds; pretty droopy.  But I’m excited for this new tasty bit of information!


3 thoughts on “Tasty Morsels

  1. Sounds exquisite!  I would have loved to have sampled a mushroom 🙂
    In fact, my dear mother served us fried squash blossoms once. 
    Be brave.
    Dana in GA

  2. I like the flowers of many fresh herbs. I *especially* like oregano flowers, they’re tiny but tasty!  Nasturtiums are also edible- they are a bit peppery flavored, and so beautiful! And violets of course, they love my west lawn, so in the spring we candy them, although this spring we didn’t.  I’ve never tried bean or pea flowers(garden peas, I *think* sweet-pea-the-climbing-flowers are poisonous- Jessie probably knows!).

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