I knew she was coming, but I barely recognized her when she stepped out of the car. I hadn’t seen her in several years.  My friend Michelle (in the black tee) lost **110** pounds in the last 1 1/4 years. WOW!  Gracious!  She had gastric bypass surgery – her liver was about to give out and it was vital to her health to lose weight.  She has changed her mind along with her habits:  no-soda ever,  yes- avocado a day,  yes- lots of tomatoes, no-white flour and no-sugar, no-hamburgers.  In addition she has morphed into a very, very active person: horse back riding is her passion, extreme (climbing up and down ridges) hiking is a regular activity. What is truly incomprehensible is that she was widowed halfway through the weight loss and kept losing. It’s been so good to have time with her.

                                              ~      ~     ~    ~     ~

Don’t you find other’s successes inspiring? 

These words popped out at me on Sunday, reminding me of the grace available to me to gain victory in this daily battle:

Jesus lives, and by his grace, vict’ry o’er my passions giving,
I will cleanse my heart and ways, ever to his glory living.
Me he raises from the dust:
Jesus is my hope and trust.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Such of good picture of both of you!  Such happy smiles.
    I do find the successes of others inspiring…..*if she can do it, so can I*  Share my congrats to Michelle!
    And yes, I L.O.V.E. that hymn.  I think I’ll use it for my morning devotion.  Thanks 🙂

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