Have I Died and Gone to Heaven?

I’ve returned after a long absence from blogging. [Is blogging to podcasts what CDs are to Spotify?] In brief, I retired from my accounting job, my mother-in-law died in May of 2021, the grandchild count is at nine, the garden is green, and raspberries are on. Wonder of wonders, I find myself wanting to write.

Always ten years behind the times, my new joy is clearing out space, beginning with my kitchen sink. I’m certainly not minimalist, but midway between slob and minimal. For years this photo would have shown a mug filled with brushes and magic erasers, various drinking vessels, and two quarts of kefir “brewing”.

I filled the empty soap dispenser, found homes for the rest, and now revel in the serenity of the suburbs of my sink.

Last night, we were prepping for a family dinner to celebrate my father-in-law’s 86th birthday. My husband placed a dirty dish on the counter. No! I barked. Nothing left unwashed!! That’s why I bought that dish wand!!!

He looked at me in surprise, a smile developing in his eyes. Have I died and gone to heaven?


7 thoughts on “Have I Died and Gone to Heaven?

  1. So, before we went to Italy a couple of weeks ago, Caryn and I went through my closet. I’m the guy who chooses clothes based on which is on the closest hanger. We pulled everything down and asked the question, “Are you ever going to wear this?” Needless to say there were more “moped” than “yeps,” but the closet looks great now. Minimal, for sure, but filled with the right stuff I like. Maybe that what Heaven’s closets look like…

  2. So happy to see your blog post in my email!
    Been unpacking from our visit to the States, today; I see a bit of a clear-out project in my future!

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