Hand Over Your Coat

January 28, 1958

My Dearest John,

I’m going to town this morning and want to get this into the mail, too. I thought that I would write on Sunday, but I seemed to have a ‘let down’ after Mother [my Dad’s mom] left, and then yesterday I was washing all day. I’ve about decided that I like to get all the washing done that I can on Monday and then just do some loads during the week if we need it. Usually baby things and a couple of other loads to tide us over. I counted my trips up and down stairs yesterday — close to 30 trips — from fixing the furnace in the morning to tucking Danny in at bedtime. That is the up trips, not counting the down ones.

John, we are still getting these letters [a nasty collection letter from INTERNAL CREDIT CONTROL BUREAU about a past-due bill]. As you can see, this one sounds serious. I looked up the article in the Reader’s Digest, and it may be that since we didn’t return the books, we do have to pay it. It is not as though we didn’t acknowledge them at first. And though we didn’t want them and asked to have them stopped, they sent us one last week. Last night in our Bible reading we were in Matt. 5, and when reading vs. 40 [And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.] I thought of this and decided that perhaps we should pay this. Cheaper to pay than to neglect it and have trouble. So I guess that I will send it in.

Al Lindeman asked me to give a flannelgraph in the opening of Sunday School next Sunday and I agreed. Then afterwards I began to wonder. Seems sort of funny to be up in front of a mixed meeting [men and women] like that, giving a lesson. Not many here in Sturgis would have any scruples about it, but I just have been wondering.

We are trading youngsters with the Goodpasters this afternoon, so I had better close and get this sealed up. I want to get back from town in time to get lunch ready when they get home from school at noon. Better dispositions if they eat soon after getting here. They have been having fun in the snow that we have.

Lovingly yours,



1 thought on “Hand Over Your Coat

  1. Oh, those nasty book clubs! They used to scare the wits out of my mom if Dad forgot to send back a book in the allotted time. She’d ask to cancel, they’d keep sending books, she’d get nasty letters, my dad would blame himself. Your mom’s “give your cloak also” would be something my dad would say.

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