Life in Community 1-20-1957

Sun. (1/20/1957) [a handwritten postscript to the previous letter]

Can’t seem to get this mailed. Came home from Kings – had 40 winks and now Unshackled is on. Here come the first steps down the stairs (Jimmy). Bill M. and Arnie B. were at Kings for dinner too. Dorothy and Johnny were invited to Millers for dinner. Margaret was at Gertrude’s (De Groot) for dinner. Mrs. Griff (?) has taken a week off to go visit Uncle Charlie. So Gertrude asked Dorothy and Margaret to stay overnight. Nothing was said about dinner today. But when Margaret went after her suitcase Gertrude was fixing dinner for them. So Margaret stayed. David and Arnie built a house out of Lincoln Logs.

I asked W. Warner if he knew of a place in a town where wooden desk chairs could be fixed. He said he could do that for us!! So he has the chair now. Maybe you can think of something to do to thank them for this. Ward just found out that he has an ulcer and has to be on a special diet. He told me he thought his job has something to do with it.

Cold again – but this “hardy pioneer” still sleeps in her upstairs bed!! Millers plan on moving a week from Tuesday – the house I mentioned. How I hate to see them leave – I’ve enjoyed Joyce so much.

Well, I’ll close and try to mail this tonight. How I miss you and still I have a peace about staying here till school is out. Perhaps that sounds strange. Jimmy’s on my lap – and sends his love.

All my love,


2 thoughts on “Life in Community 1-20-1957

  1. Dear Carol ~ I thought I should come out of the woodwork about now because these letters of your mother’s have sparked so many memories for me. And I thought maybe it would be nice for you to know that there was someone out there that had memories connected to your family. I have been following your blog since your sister Margaret went to heaven. My name is Debbie Snyder Stojic. Growing up, my path intersected with your family’s at several points. Our family moved a lot, mostly northwest Indiana (both my parents were from Elkhart, IN) and southwest Michigan. So, I think it was about 1 1/2 yrs in the late 50’s we lived in Howe, IN and attended the Sturgis assembly where your parents were. One of my early memories was playing in the old farmhouse where your family lived. So many names in the letters were familiar back then: Kings, Dillons, Wolcotts.. Then later there was Bair Lake Bible camp. For several years my family was involved there especially when my Aunt and Uncle and their family lived there year round. Ray and Marian Green. I don’t know if you remember them. That is where I first knew you as a toddler.
    Anyway, I spent a lot of my summers there for a few years. Your mom was the camp cook and I have such fond memories of her. I was always drawn to her face, it was always so kind and lovely I thought. Then one time when my family lived in Galien, Mi. right on US 12 on the way to Bair Lake, Your Dad and Danny were driving and had a flat tire up the road from our house and had to come back to our house to get it taken care of. On to Emmaus where I attended and had your professor father for my Church History class. And Margaret attended there during one of the years I was there, and that is where I got to know her much better. Your Mother’s memorial service at Emmaus made such an impression on me that now whenever I sing the hymn, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, she is somehow in the background singing too. – always. So the years went by and I sort of lost touch except when my Aunt Marian would tell me something about your family. I was so surprised when my husband and I began attending Christ Church of Oak Brook, to find your brother, Danny singing in the choir and often solo with his beautiful tenor voice. I wasn’t sure it was him at first, but was thrilled to find out it really was him! A friend of mine from Emmaus let me know about Margaret. I was so sad for her, but happy at the same time that she had found love with a devoted husband. I don’t know how I found your blog, but I did and was glad to know you a little bit all grown up! Wow! this is a lot of cinnamon! 🙂 Anyway, I thank you for the memories. I enjoy your blog very much also. We enjoy a lot of the same books. And I like hearing about life in the Oregon countryside. May God bless you and keep you always ~ Debbie

    • Debbie! I read this aloud to my husband, my voice cracking as I read it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your part of our story. I totally remember Ray and Marian Green! I think I had a counselor training class with your uncle with maybe one other student in the class. They were so kind. I appreciate your memories immensely!

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