CS Lewis Reading Project


Last year my reading focus was breakneck Shakespeare (all in one year). This year I’m reading through C.S. Lewis at about the rate you drive through a residential area (which is ~ 50 pages a week). I’ve just finished my fourth book, The Problem of Pain.

It was one of the thickest 150 page books I’ve read. Heavy sledding with some sparkly quotes. I’m eager to dive into The Screwtape Letters. If you’d like to join for one or more books, find me on Facebook at the C.S. Lewis Reading Project.

I’m pulling a few quotes paired with photos I’ve taken. I will add them here from time to time.


6 thoughts on “CS Lewis Reading Project

  1. When I’m on a reading frenzy, I might average a book every two or three days for a couple of months. When I read through Lewis, especially books like “The Problem of Pain” and “The Abolition of Man,” it was a week or two per book, read every page twice just to make sure I understood, and then to savor, every thought.
    Bon appétit !

    • Steve, I love that: reading frenzy. I’m familiar with the cleaning frenzy that happens two hours before someone comes for a visit. But reading frenzy is brilliant! Are you on Goodreads? I’d love to follow your reading trail.

      It’s fun to reconnect with childhood friends. Thanks for your comment!

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