Oregon Hygge


Hygge is that trendy Danish word that fathomaway describes as the art of creating intimacy: a sense of comradeship, conviviality, and contentment rolled into one. We’ve been snowed in recently, but aren’t snow days one of life’s delicious bonuses?

{Before any further rhapsodies, let me acknowledge we don’t have sick family members, stock (countryspeak for animals; think ‘livestock’), emergencies to respond to, or young children going bonkers.}

Fresh herbs (this is mint) are an affordable splurge.

My sister-in-law crochets these in small moments. They are a benediction.

Mid-century house, old cabinets.
Curt and I worked together installing pull-out shelves.
Out with stale, in with organization.

One of the most hygge activities we do is to  listen together to Harry Potter.
We’re in year five;  Harry is our tidy-up-after-dinner soundtrack.
And then we sit down and listen the way most people watch television.
I cut out stuff from catalogs to put into the small blank spots in my journal.

The timing couldn’t have been more fortuitous!
A friend gave me a box of Blue Apron meals. (Thank you, Dana!)
We have everything  needed for a restaurant quality meal.
I supplied salt and pepper. Yum!

The smell of bread baking in the oven has to be hygge!

dsc_0971One way we keep warm.

Abacus gallery sells poster calendars with artwork by Dana Heacock.

This is more OCD than hygge, but I’m indexing my journals.

Candles seem a big piece of hygge. My husband is allergic to the scents.  I roast garlic each time I turn the oven on. The fragrance wafts through the house.



13 thoughts on “Oregon Hygge

  1. Hope you enjoyed Blue Apron. It offers a variety that I cant begin to accomplish.
    Fixed the shrimp and rice cakes tonight ~

    • Enjoyed is too bland a word. We love it!! The food is fantastic and the recipes are easy to follow. It’s opening up new foods to us. The biggest problem is that we have a freezer full of elk and chicken to eat. I’m toying with doing Blue Apron one week a month.

  2. Every picture here tells a hygge story. The Dutch have a word too, to describe that indescribable cozy camaraderie. Gezellig. You can’t create gezellig but you sure know when you are in the middle of it. Stay safe and warm!

  3. Bread and firewood are two of my favorite cozy-contentment-hygge-makers! Yesterday I made gingerbread, and for weeks we’ve had wood fires to bolster our moods…. today neither! Must go climb under the blankets and do better tomorrow….

  4. Hello,I just discovered you today ! I was looking for a poem by Thomas Blackburn and found you ! It was the poem that begins with “Awake,thou wintry earth.” I am in Oregon too .What part are you in ? Husband and I and 2 cats live in Prineville ! 🙂 Nice to “meet”you ! ~Sharon Goemaere

    • Sharon! Welcome! Thanks for the comment. I love “Awake, thou wintry earth” but I always associate it with Bach instead of Blackburn. I’m northeast of you in La Grande. Thanks for introducing yourself.

      • Hello ! 🙂 We’ve been to La Grande and liked it very much . What a winter this has been , eh ? Prineville had so much snow and we’re now looking forward to spring and warmer temperatures ! I found this poem in a”Victoria”magazine and it’s always possible it was attributed to the wrong person . 😉 It’s just beautiful regardless of who said it ! ~Sharon in Prineville

      • Hi Sharon,
        It’s been a crazy winter, but I have to admit, I think it will end up one of the best winters of my life. That said, I am, as I’m sure you are too, *craving* spring!

      • Yes, I am definitely craving spring .It was the same when we lived in the Willamette Valley . That time between holiday’s end and spring’s arrival seemed interminable at times . 🙂 ~Sharon

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