Awake Thou Wintry Earth


Chives growing in my garden, February 12, 2016

Awake, Thou Wintry Earth is almost a life anthem. I came to Thomas Blackburn’s poem by way of Bach’s Cantata 129. When I heard it, I came to understand in a new way that spring is an annual demonstration of resurrection. Listening to this still gives me shivers. Singing it means I end up whispering to tell that dead is dead over a voice that is breaking.

I took a walk around my backyard this morning and was delighted to hear garlic and chives laughing at winter, death, decay.

Awake thou wintry earth,
fling off, fling off thy sadness;
ye vernal flowers laugh forth,
laugh forth your ancient gladness.
A new and lovely tale
through-out the land is spread;
it floats o’er hill and dale
to tell that death is dead.

Here is a joyful organ. 1 1/2 minutes that will lift your day high. Sing along! It’s pretty loud; turn your sound down. Or don’t. The organ is a dominating instrument and its volume is glorious!


2 thoughts on “Awake Thou Wintry Earth

  1. Oh, dear Carol….I’ve been out of town and so busy, but I must take a few seconds to sprinkle some cinnamon for you! I finally stopped long enough to listen to the link. Then I looked up all available audios and listened. This is a new favorite. And I thank you!

    Reading “Singing it means I end up whispering to tell that dead is dead over a voice that is breaking” practically undid me. You have been heavy in my thoughts and prayers over the past few weeks, and I’m just sorry I haven’t taken more time to let you know.

    What a gift of hope Bach’s cantata is. And the elaboration of Blackburn’s poem. This makes me want to realize a long-time dream of planting a Weeping Willow and a group of Redbud and Dogwood trees clumped together.

    I wish I could find that someone has “hymnized” the poem ( a singable version of Bach’s music. What a joy that would be to sing this in corporate worship.

    My continued thoughts and prayers…….

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