Drooling Over Libraries


20 Celebrities with Stunning Home Libraries

Pictures of books make me sit up and pay attention.

I can critique libraries as enthusiastically as any fashionista can pan and praise the red carpet dresses.

Here are my favorites:


Nigella Lawson’s library is definitely used.

It could use a little order, but this picture makes me comfortable.

I understand the stacks.


The books look read. I like this. I like the guitar playing too.

Well done, Keith Richards!


Jimmy Stewart’s – I loved the books, but not the furniture.

Too much chintz, it that’s what it is.


Julianne Moore’s – Light and inviting space.  Good chairs.


Tory Burch’s – Comfortable. I could see some serious reading

at the table, and casual reading in the chairs.


Michael Jackson’s – Polished wood, fireplace, chairs.

What’s not to like?



I did not like:


Oprah’s – I know Oprah reads.

But, a designer did this library based on color.

So many linear feet of red books.

While I like the idea of books as decoration,

I don’t like it when they are *solely* for decoration.



Jane Fonda’s – The books do look read, but the space

is sterile and barren.


Sting’s – I love the idea of a two-floor library.

But. This looks like it is strictly for show.  No thanks.



6 thoughts on “Drooling Over Libraries

  1. You know what library I want? (Well, assuming I’ll never get the Long Room transported from Dublin and installed in my house.) I want Professor Higgins’ library from My Fair Lady (the movie). I drool over that library every time I watch the movie.

  2. The only place I’ll disagree with you, Carol, is Sting’s library.  In a couple of seconds, that could look well used and PERFECT.  I really like the wood and the stairs.Can you ever imagine organizing your books by spine color?Di

  3. @ACircleofQuiet – I will concede that point. I love the space of it. But the top two shelves are just too perfect, imho. You are right, though. A few books on the stair case or floor, and a little messiness and it would be confoundingly, astonishingly, stupendously wonderful.

  4. I thought you were kidding when you said you were going to blog about this, Carol. Honestly, girl! I must say your favorite is my favorite. Especially love the pile next to the desk that “appear” to be placed haphazardly, and you know they aren’t! Oh, this reminds me of my dad’s stacking habit! His easy chair was surrounded by stacks; his study had stacks all over the floor. My favorite story was one time I was trying to help him organize so we started putting some books in boxes. He said, “Okay, take that marker and write SF #1 on the box lid.”  “What does that stand for?” “Study Floor #1.” Truly a book lover and not an organizer, he was!

  5. Oh, this is great — I loved seeing these pics, and I agree with your gut reactions.Oh to have a library (as opposed to a house overtaken by books…)

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