Good friends

Good place

Good sights


Good eats

Good memories.
Good stories.
Good laughs.

Good connections.
Good reflections.
Good times.

It’s all good…

in Nashville.


6 thoughts on “Nashville

  1. Love Nashville. Good friends are moving there soon so I imagine we will be going there more in the near future. It’s only four short hours south of us! Your weekend looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Thanks for the post :)On another topic, Sunday was Ascension Day.Came across this wonderful setting of Henry Vaughan’s poem, “My Soul there is a Country” by Parry (no less) and thought you might like it. find that this way of combining text and score is a little jerky, so you might want to have the text in mind already as you listen…)

  3. @jackug – Oh I love it!  Thank you.  I need the text alone to fully grasp the lyrics, but I LOVE reading the score as I listen to the music. I really appreciate you sharing this with me.  Thank you again!PS – We heard a great Ascension Day sermon at the church we visited in Franklin, TN. 

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