Celebrating a Simple Conversation

Because I see my doctor once a year, more or less, I was surprised that she remembered me.

“You are a writer, aren’t you?” was her cheerful greeting.  Of course, I was *writing* in my journal as she came into the exam room.

[My first impulse is to refute her.  Well…um…not really. I snapped my fingers at my internal skeptic. An internal finger snap, don’t you know.]

“Yes,” I smiled, “Yes, I am.”

[Come on! Are you serious? Who is going to believe that? It looked like snapping wasn’t enough; I think my alter ego needed a slap down.]

The nurse joined the conversation: “What do you write about?” 

A quick breath, a smile…

“Well, I love to read and review books. And I like to search for truth, beauty and goodness in life…and write about what I’ve found.”

[Oh, great! You sound like a corporate mission statement.  My inner skeptic rolled her eyes.] 

“…and highlight simple pleasures…”

[Stop! That’s enough!! It was now a good time to obey that inner voice.]

I closed my mouth.

“I think it’s great,” my doctor replied, as she donned her latex gloves.

And that, my friends, was a simple conversation worth celebrating. 


5 thoughts on “Celebrating a Simple Conversation

  1. See, you found truth, beauty and goodness right there! Add a dash of simplicity and it makes for a good thing to WRITE about! (Something they taught us in Interpreting school is to fire that inner committee member that suggests skepticism, who rolls her eyes and tries to shut you down!) 

  2. Love it! Love it! Love it!You never know what will blossom in that doctor and her nurse through this little conversation! I’m sure they will both roll it over in their minds for a while. Thanks so much for sharing!Janie

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