Simple Springtime Pleasures

Grape tomatoes ~ a splendid snack-on-the-go

Green buds are visible! Yessss!!

Yellow and white and all things bright (and beautiful)

Chicks are only a simple pleasure when they come to Nana’s
house for a quick visit before they go home.

There is something precious about the first read
of a nourishing book. This was my husband’s
first time reading Trina Schart Hyman’s gloriously
illustrated Saint George and the Dragon.

We have come to the end of our wood for the first time in years.
It was a long winter.
Wood heat is the most comfortable way to get warm.

This is my new favorite treat.  Mix cinnamon and Truvia together.

Dip slices of apple (Granny Smith is my choice) in the cinnamon.

Set the slice on your tongue and savor the flavors. Yuuum!


3 thoughts on “Simple Springtime Pleasures

  1. Lovely post. It makes me want to go looking for my own simple pleasures.We love St George and the Dragon around here, too!This week we tried Empire apples. Red Delicious last week were too sweet (even the rabbit wouldn’t eat them). McIntosh the week before were too tart. These are juuuuust right.

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