Wendell Berry on the Loss of a Dog


Nell’s small grave, opening
at the garden’s edge to receive her
out of this world’s sight forever,
reopens many graves. Digging,
the old man grieves for his old dog
with all the grief he knows,
which seems again to be approaching
enough, though he knows there is more.

~ Wendell Berry in Leavings


5 thoughts on “Wendell Berry on the Loss of a Dog

  1. @debd – @Janet – @secros60 – Oh dear.  No, we have not lost a pet recently.  The picture would leave one to believe that.  I’m sorry.  We did lose our beloved Katie dog (in the picture) ten years ago.  I was trying, unsuccessfully, to find a different picture, but I settled on this one.  I posted this because I thought Wendell Berry captured, in poetic form, the emotion of burying a beloved pet.

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