My daughter-in-law, Taryn,
started a coupon blog this year.

It’s taking off!

Why does Taryn coupon?

Two in diapers, a mortgage and one income.
Your formula may look a little different (add a car payment, subtract the diapers), but the common denominators of debt and life’s little necessities remain. By spending less on the toilet paper, toothpaste and tomato soup, you can allocate more toward your debts, whatever they may be. As many couponers before me would agree, financial freedom is the goal.  

I have witnessed a pass through the grocery store with Taryn.

You know how a twenty foot fall-away jump shot 
is poetry in motion?

Taryn’s twenty minute grocery run which yielded $60 savings
was poetry in marketing.
I could only increase my stride, hang on to coupons and
gasp in admiration.

If you want to save money, take a look.

Check out How2Coupon on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “How2Coupon

  1. yes, take away the 2 in diapers and add 3 in college.  Thanks for this.  Even though my household size is shrinking, I (and my wallet) could definitely stand to learn a new trick.

  2. aw, shucks. You’re way too kind! Thank you! We love and miss you here. (P.S. I can’t remember if I replied back to Curt’s haiku, but I wanted him to know it made my day! I love that a buttermilk bar can inspire poetry!)

  3. I have a neighbor who’s a coupon queen and I’m hoping soon she’ll offer another class on how to do it like she does. Meanwhile, she occasionally brings over large bags full of stuff that she got for free and does not need!

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