Going Steady

Chicken broth and me: we’re going steady.

We’re mulling over a long-term relationship.

One of us has commitment-phobia.

Call it a honeymoon, but I can’t go a day without

chicken broth’s kisses.

(Butter is in cold storage. She will forever be my first love.
But I had to abandon butter.)

Garlic and paprika go on double-dates with us.

Basil brags about preempting paprika.

Lemon and dill sometimes feel left out.

Curry keeps begging for a place at the table.

Sage wisely stays silent.

I have no thyme to add to our romance.


5 thoughts on “Going Steady

  1. Have to agree with sonskyn about the photo.  (The previous one was nice too, and in color :)What should one do when one wants to smile, but also close a bracket at the end of the sentence???  This problem bothers me….  🙂

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