Simple Pleasures of High Summer

Kids, kidlings, children, chillin’,
whatever you want to call them.
(Only one of these cutie-pies is related to me!)

: :

Flowers, blossoms, buds, flora….color!

The very pink of perfection!


: :

: :
The sweetest thing in my garden…

 Vegetables are the food of the earth;  fruit seems more the fruit of the heavens.
~  Sepal Felicivant

: :
….and lastly,

the color Aegean Green.
Funny, I don’t love the color but I am gaga over the name of the color.
Aegean Green just makes me smile.

What simple pleasures are you enjoying before summer wanes and mistappears?

Do you have a favorite descriptive color?

Don’t you love to read paint chips for the color names?


6 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures of High Summer

  1. I’m crazy about pink and I enjoyed your pink flowers. I’ve a pink rose that has just a hint of yellow that profusely blooms outside my dining room window. It would be fun to have the job of naming colors for the paint store:  Easter pink, raspberry mousse, cotton candy…..but I’d probably gain weight because I seem to gravitate toward foodie words for descriptions!

  2. That Aegean Green is not too far from Turquoise – the 2010 Color of the Year – and one of my favorite.  I’ve waited years for it to become popular again; and not just worn by *old ladies* I’m having fun this summer with impromptu sunflowers, watermelon soup, and tomato poetry.Happy Friday!

  3. Simple summer pleasures:  dips in the pool before dinner, grilled sweet corn (picked that afternoon by a farmer up the road), green beans fresh from the garden, baseball games on the radio, peach jam on toast (heavenly fruit, indeed!).Beautiful post, Carol.Blessings,Sandy

  4. I love a good paint name, too.  I recently painted two small rooms (a book nook and laundry room) Martha Stewart’s Enamelware. It is really nice, soft shade of blue not much different from Aegean blue (maybe a smidge less green) and then I painted our bedroom Lemongrass which is a pale green with more blue than yellow. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but I love it.  And then I painted my kitchen Chopstick which is a pale yellow.  I think I am done painting for the summer!  ~Leslie

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