On Online Friendships


 The first blog I ever read  back in 2004 was Quiet Life.
Donna’s writing was a joy and encouragement.
She’s been called a “spirit-gardener.”

It turns out, Donna was born September 27th.
I was born in the same year on September 28th.
We grew up two towns away from each other.
We are both part of a family of seven kids.
We both lost parents at a young age.

I read Quiet Life daily for several months.
One day, I was compelled to respond to something she wrote.
It was SO scary.
Me? Comment on someone’s blog?
And she didn’t know me?
What would she think????

Donna has the gift of the right word for the right time.
Time and time again.

Donna has another gift, she does.
She is a friendship broker.
Her comment section (QLCS for short) has
introduced me to several friends who are dear to my heart.
I’ve met two in real life. 
There are more on my list to meet.

Donna gives her readers something else:
she shares her family.
We all, in some way, believe Katie is our daughter too.
We love Donna’s kids.
Donna has five sisters; we know them by name,
and consider ourselves honorary Glyman girls.

I’m always learning from Donna’s example:
Keep it short.
Ask questions.
Find appropriate quotes.
Be interested in others.
Take photos.

So on this trip to Chicago, a pocket of time opened up,
time enough for a short visit at a halfway point.
We met at Chipotle’s and talked.
And talked.  And talked.
It was sweet.

Ah, Donna.
Love you.  Mean it!

~  happy sigh ~


7 thoughts on “On Online Friendships

  1. That’s wonderful!!  I love the picture of the two of you together, and the list of likenesses!  God is so good to give us friendships in ways we don’t expect!  Someday I hope to meet all of my online friends – at least in eternity, if not in this world!

  2. I can only believe that the Lord has a magnificent party in our future since we weren’t ale to get together this time… there must be something even better than Chipotle down the road for us, though I can’t imagine what it could be. 🙂  I know there will be a piano, though. I can hear it already. Love you.S

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